Julia Hülsmann solo Piano

Grand female piano. Radical calm, impressive without posturing, lyrical without allures. Every note carries meaning, the playing is devoutly effortless, engagingly melodious with casual virtuosity. 600 pounds of grand piano as light as a feather.

German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT has called her the “Lyricist of Jazz” is what the, Jazzpodium received her music similarly and described it as follows: “Pianist Julia Hülsmann’s art intelligently combines beauty and simplicity with a sense of tonal colors and nuances. She is not concerned with amazing technique and speed, her persuasion grounds in sonic expression and subtle differences. Even the groove tracks convey more of a calm floating sensation than an earthbound movement.“

Peter Rüedi hears her playing like this: „As a pianist and as a composer Julia Hülsmann is a poet. She prefers a concise style with an enduring resonance over an overflowing narrative style. She any pretense of depth. She does not shy away from pop songs […] They sound like her original compositions – and her originals sound like standards. […] Breath, space, frugality are the key to her music. […] Hülsmann does not let emotions overwhelm her, but she lets them be. Thus they provide a corrective to her penchant for transparent constructivism. Feelings, sometimes darkened with melancholy. Not: sentimentalities. „

In her solo program, Julia Hülsmann proves how varied jazz can be – juxtaposing her original compositions, jazz standards and free improvisations with songs by Radiohead or Feist, she leaves pointed impressions that linger.