Julia Hülsmann Oktett

Songs for double Trio and 3 voices

Julia Hülsmann is one of the most prominent contemporary European jazz musicians and has a special affinity for the human voice. Rebekka Bakken, Roger Cicero, Theo Bleckmann – the list of her collaborations with vocalists is as dazzling as it is long. The Süddeutsche Zeitung calls her the “fine spirit among German jazz pianists”, whose melody-based play almost foreshadows the closeness to lyric and song.

With the Norwegian Live Maria Roggen, the Angolan Aline Frazão and the ECHO Jazz Prize winner Michael Schiefel, she is now forming a top-class ensemble.
The ECHO jazz winners Eva Kruse (b) and Eva Klesse (d), along with Susanne Paul and Héloïse Lefebvre, two string players from the frontiers of classical music, jazz and pop, gather around the singers.

When the three wonderful vocalists meet each other in songs, a dazzling and fascinating sound is created. All three have contributed something of their own, songs or newly written texts that Julia Hülsmann set to music. In addition, new interpretations of songs by Alanis Morissette, Ani DiFranco, Archive and Feist were added to the repertoire.

But the musical accompaniment is also exciting, a classic piano trio on the one hand (piano, violin & cello) and on the other hand a classic jazz trio (piano, bass & drums). The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung wrote about this line-up: “… so that the best cross-fertilizations arise. Here cello and violin, there double bass and drums…. The concept worked, a powerful spark igniting the audience, also and above all because of the excellent band…. ”.

An international concert project of the extra class.

Julia Hülsmann – piano
Eva Klesse – drums
Eva Kruse – bass
Héloïse Lefebvre – violine
Susanne Paul – cello
Aline Frazão – voice
Live Maria Roggen – voice
Michael Schiefel – voice