Hamburg celebrated a Beatles anniversary in 2020, because 60 years ago five English boys between the ages of 17 and 20, known as “The Beatles”, performed there for the first time. “In Hamburg we learned how to play in front of an audience,” George Harrison said later.

The city celebrated this in a variety of ways, including a concert in the Grand Hall of the Elbphilharmonie.



Julia Hülsmann created a program especially for this and in honor of the “Fab Four” together with Nils Wogram on the trombone and Christopher Dell on the vibraphone. It is called “Come together” – on the one hand as a reminiscence of the Beatles hit, on the other hand in the knowledge that getting together for concerts in this special year was ruled out for a while and the joy was great that it was gradually being made possible again, even if only for a short time then.
Dealing with the Beatles’ work is definitely a challenge, as Hülsmann admits: »I grew up with this music, so it’s very close to me. But the originals have been covered so well and so often that you have to come up with something unique. ”

For this special evening Hülsmann put together a purely instrumental trio. She decided on this line-up because, on the one hand, the Beatles’ pieces are so well-known you can easily recognize them without singing or even sing along to oneself; on the other hand, their melodies, harmonies and structures are so ingenious that they can be very can conjure up different arrangements.

In his free way of interpreting music, Christopher Dell sets extremely exciting impulses with the percussive and floating sound of the vibraphone, which mixes so wonderfully with the piano and complements it at the same time. Nils Wogram on the trombone is something like the ›voice‹ in this trio; with his virtuoso and warm style of playing.
With this combination of instruments and strong musical personalities presents a particularly energetic Beatles program, leading to a new and different Beatles experience.